Advantages of membership in the association

The members of the association receive a stronger voice on the national level, as the scope of activity of the association is to meet and represent the legal, social, economic, professional and other general interests of its members, and to support the integration of sickness funds in Ukraine.

Particular advantages of a membership in the association are

  • Getting access to unified information platform
  • Distance learning scheme that provides professional information to registered users is available at the web site of the association
  • Participation in capacity building programmes and on the job trainings
  • Professional individual counseling in management matters
  • Participation in the certified sickness fund quality assurance scheme
  • Possibility to receive pharmaceuticals under lower price conditions using centralised purchasing schemes
  • Members of participating sickness funds receive health care treatment in different regions of Ukraine according to mutual agreements between these funds
  • Possibility to receive high quality medical treatment at national health care centres for members from the regions of Ukraine
  • Contacts to representatives from national and international organisations

Capacity building and development of the system of sickness funds in Ukraine is one of the key areas of our activity. Therefore we are ready to provide management and financial support to our member sickness funds. We are ready to look at proposals from regional and local sickness funds that request organisational or financial support. Please submit your proposal to our executive director.