Our partners

Sickness funds and health microinsurance schemes in Ukraine

1. Sickness fund of Zhytomyr region

2. Sickness fund of Poltava region

3. Sickness fund “Asovstal”

4. “Health” the citizens’ union of Yampil district

5. Community organisation “Sickness fund of Rivne region”

6. Galician sickness fund

7. Dnepropetrovsk regional charitable fund for development of health care

8. City citizens’ union “Sickness fund“, Dneprodserzhinsk

9. Chernigiv charitable organisation city sickness fund

10. Bilopilska district sickness fund, Sumy Obl.

11. Bobrovitska citizens’ organization sickness fund, Bobrovitsya, Chernigiv Obl.

12. Voznesensk city sickness fund, Voznesensk, Mykolajv Oblast

13. Charitable organisation “Sickness fund”, Mykolaiv

14. Citizens‘ union „We support eachother“, Luzk, Volyn Oblast

15. Mogyliv-Podilsky city sickness fund, Mogyliv-Podilsky

16. Sumy city citizens‘ organisation „City sickness fund“,Sumy

17. Sickness fund Metropolitan Police

and others


Organisations in the health insurance sector from Germany

AOK Bundesverband

AOK Consult

Other institutions and organisations

Ministry of Health Ukraine

National Medical University named after O.O. Bohomolets, Kyiv

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)

German-Ukrainian partnership initiative against HIV/AIDS

Federal Ministry of Health Germany

Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development Germany

„Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung“ (CIM)

State Pharmacological Centre of Ministry of Health Ukraine

State enterprise „Ukrainian pharmaceutical institute of quality“

“Association of services for measures against of HIV/AIDS of Ukraine”