Aims and tasks of a sickness fund

The aim of sickness funds

Is to enable population’s access to health care in case of illness based on the principle of solidarity and according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

  • To increase the outcome of health care provision to population (e.g. pharmaceutical treatment)
  • To increase the amount of health insured persons and to raise the level of efficiency
  • To broaden the access to health care for the population and to contribute to poverty reduction
  • To strengthen the system of sickness funds and to collect additional financial sources for the chronically underfinanced health care system and to actively participate in reforming of health care in Ukraine
  • To implement medical standards and clinical guidelines in health care
  • To engage with preventive measures in the fight against infectious diseases

The basic task of a sickness fund is to promote people’s access to qualitative health care.

1. To establish an organisational structure of a sickness fund; which is accessible and affordable to every citizen, and provides adequate health care services in its particular region.

2. Elaboration of

  • New organisational and legal relations that are built on contractual principles between the sickness fund, state health care authorities, health care facilities, and general practitioners on providing health care services to members of the sickness fund; implementing quality assurance systems in the diagnostic and treatment process according to best practice in health care –evidence based medicine.
  • Contractual relationships with companies, health care facilities, organisations of different kinds, and general practitioners; in relation to members of the sickness fund.

Development of a personalised membership register for collecting membership premiums and paying invoices to health care providers; thus monitoring health care facilities in regard of the prescription and use of pharmaceuticals .