What are the advantages of a membership in a sickness fund?

  • Social protection in case of illness;
  • Low contribution fee;
  • Guaranteed access to members and their families to health care;
  • Effective use of pharmaceuticals;
  • Delivery of quality service;
  • Quality assurance of the health care services provided to the members of the sickness fund.

A comparatively low voluntary contribution fee that is paid by the member on a monthly basis entitles him to participate in a tight quality management scheme. This is as whole manifested in  basic measures such as:

  • optimisation and implementation of clinical standards and protocols of healthcare treatment in an inpatient and outpatient-policlinic setting;
  • analysis of health care treatment process provided to the members of the sickness fund by different health care facilities and individual physicians;
  • monitoring the appropriateness of diagnosis and suitability of the kind of treatment;
  • measuring the outcome of medical treatment.

Monthly over 10 thousands of patients receive health care treatment according to the quality assurance scheme of the sickness fund of Zhytomyr region. Per anno – over 200 thousands.

The possibility of monitoring the quality of health care treatment to the sickness fund’s members has been established through contracts with health care providers that entitle sickness fund’s physician-experts being present at every policlinic establishment.