Sickness funds

The all-Ukrainian citizens’ organization «Association of workers’ sickness funds of Ukraine» was established on July, 26, 2007. The members of the «Association of workers’ sickness funds of Ukraine» represent 16 regions of Ukraine in which sucessfully operate health microinsurance schemes. The scope of activity of the association is to meet and represent the legal, social, economic, professional and other general interests of its members, and to support the integration of sickness funds in Ukraine; to increase their professional resources and capabilities; and to contribute improving trust and reliability in health care sphere and in relation to the sickness funds. The Association of workers’ sickness funds of Ukraine has elaborated joint agreements between particular sickness funds that are based in different regions of Ukraine. Due to these contracts, the members of these particular sickness funds are entitled to receive necessary pharmaceuticals and diagnostic services in the other partner region as well according to their particular insurance programme.